Killers Anonymous

Killers Anonymous 2019
Length:1h 35min.
Country:UK, USA
Genres:Crime, Action
Director:Martin Owen
Actors:Gary Oldman, Jessica Alba, Tommy Flanagan
  • Killers Anonymous 2019
  • Killers Anonymous 2019
  • Killers Anonymous 2019
Mercenaries are cruel and dangerous people who, without hesitation, will deprive the life of anyone they order. But it's one thing when they get paid for it, and quite another when cruelty turns into everyday life. To cope with their problems, the killers create an anonymous club where they can share their pain with others and find support. But one day, when a very important political persona was killed, another person appeared in the club. From that moment, a friendly team turns into a real club of mistrust and depravity. Now everyone suspects the other, but the worst thing is that the high ranks of the underworld have learned about this society, and now they want to meet ...

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