Polaroid 2019
Length:1h 28min.
Country:Canada, Norway, USA
Genres:Horror, Drama, Thriller
Director:Lars Klevberg
Actors:Kathryn Prescott, Tyler Young, Samantha Logan
  • Polaroid 2019
  • Polaroid 2019
  • Polaroid 2019
Sarah dismantled her mother's things after her sudden death. Among them, she found the old Polaroid, which the deceased had acquired at auction shortly before her death. A friend, Linda, took a picture in which the girls saw an ominous dark shadow. Left alone at home, Sarah heard strange sounds. The girl was frightened by the presence in the house of something inexplicable, but she hoped to the end that this was just a bad joke of her friend. When she climbed into the attic, something snapped at her and killed her. The spirit of the camera was not going to stop and was eager for new victims. After some time they appeared again. It all started with an antique shop in which Brad discovered a rare camera ...

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